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A Statement by the Artist
New York, 1995

Writing a "Statement" is much harder than creating the artwork, but I shall try. I started Computer Art after years of doing Magic Realist and Trompe l'Oeil painting with egg tempera and acrylics. The low resolution imposed by my system altered my style and gave me new inspiration. I am now fascinated by the interplay of Light and Form, as I attempt to translate visions of immaterial energies and apparent chaos into images. The ability of the computer to deconstruct/reconstruct reality and explore alternate universes enmeshed within mathematical space is a continuous delight. Computer Graphics is a natural extension of my experiments with liquid light machines during the late Sixties.

I attempt to discern and interpret the boundaries between illusion and reality, although I am not sure there are any. I often suspect that the Cosmos is a sort of holographic projection created by an infinite Super-system programmed in a strange Fractal Geometry. Can the Universe we appear to inhabit be merely one out of an infinity of possible variations? Are we part of a rather buggy subroutine in the beta version of the software? Maybe the so-called "Big Bang" was really a cosmic equivalent of a hard disk crash, a recursive loop, or a power fluctuation. My work attempts to express these ideas.

 I do not try to imitate the effects of traditional painting. The artifacts of Computer Graphics such as jaggies, dithering and scan-lines are a valid part of the medium, as are the the paint strokes, impasto, canvas texture, etc. of traditional media. The strength of the computer is its ability to create infinite variations of color and image-processing plus also serve as the ultimate collage machine. One could spend a lifetime exploring the possible variations of just one image, not to mention the possiblities offered by animation. The major drawback to Computer Art is that it is an expensive medium. Only in the last few years has it been accessible to artists who are not connected with large institutions or corporations.


Commodore AMIGA - 1000, 2000, 3000
Digiview system
SHARP JX-730 - inkjet printer
Polaroid Palette - film recorder

Since 1999: Pentium III


Deluxe Paint, Butcher, Mathvision, TV-Show
Since 1999: Painter, Poser, PhotoImpact, Bryce 4, Canvas, KAI's
Power Tools

Ilene Astrahan

Electronic Media and/or Acrylic Tempera


Represented by:
Galerie Shirley, Geneva, Switzerland
ABACI Gallery of Computer Art, Portland, Oregon

Work in collections of IBM and private collectors in America and Europe

One-Person Exhibits:

Digital Dreamtime, TAI Gallery, NYC, 1992
Marilyn in Cyberspace, Brownie Points, NYC, 1991

Half-hour video tape on her work prepared by Amiga Artists on the Air, directed by Tobe Carey and funded by the New York State Council on the Arts and Commodore, aired on many cable channels nationally

Organizer and Chairperson, panel discussion, Artists and Computers, sponsored by Artists Talk on Art, NYC, 1991; Invited speaker, SCAN Conference, Philadelphia, 1989

"Featured Portfolio Artist" and "Magazine Gallery Art Showcases:"

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, May 1992
Computer Artist, Fall 1991
AV Audio-Visual Communications, March 1991
Amiga GRAF/X Magazine, June, 1990
Amiga Plus, June-July, 1989
AVideo, June, 1988
Computer Graphics World, Feb., 1988;

Work also featured in the following publications:

Village Voice, July, 1992
Amiga News, August, 1992
SCAN Newsletter, Summer, 1992
YLEM Newsletter, November, 1992

Computer art works included in the following group shows:

INTERFACE--Art and Computer, Park Avenue Atrium, NYC, 1991

DIGITAL IMAGES. '91, Wilson Art Gallery, Glassboro State
College, NJ. 1991

Fifth National Computer Art Invitational, University Gallery,
Eastern Washington University, Spokane, 1991

Third Biennial Arts & Technology Symposium, Connecticut College, 1991

SIGGRAPH '87, Anaheim, California

Thinking Digitally: Art and Technology, 1999, New York Mercantile Exchange

Visible Light, CUNY, NYC, 1987

Art From the Computer, 1987 Hearst Art Gallery, St. Mary's College, Moraga, California

L'Art et L'Ordinateur, Galerie Shirley, Geneva, Switzerland, 1989

Art Horizons International Art Competition, NYC, 1988

Computer Art '89, National Juried Exhibition, Shircliff Gallery of Art, Vincennes University, Indiana

Digitally Altered Photography, SCAN '90, University of the Arts, Philadelphia

Homage to Man Ray, 1987
Visions, 1988
Homage to Andy Warhol, 1988
Electronic Alchemy, 1989,
(all at Puchong Gallery, NYC)

Computer Studio Art Gallery, NYC, 1987

Computer Graphics Pavilion, AEC Conference, Javits Convention Center, NYC, 1988

Prizes and Professional Groups:

First Prize, Art From the Computer, 1989, Oakland, Cal.

National Gold Medal Award for Computer Graphics on the Amiga, AMI-EXPO, NYC, 1987

Board Member, Graphic Artists Guild Computer Arts Division


Computer Graphics and Airbrush Work for Griffin-Bacal Agency (Commodore-Amiga)

Studied Computer Graphics at SVA, NYC


Scholarship Student at Art Institute of Chicago

One-Person Exhibitions:

Portal Gallery, London
Banfer Gallery, New York
Fornal Gallery, New York

Works in private collections in England, Europe and the United States, including the following:

The Duke of Bedford
Lord Broughshane
Texas Instrument Company
Leicestershire Education Committee
Stephen King

Group Shows:

Peithner-Lichtenfels Gallery, Vienna, `Trompe L'Oeil' Show
American Embassy, London, `Transatlantics'

Kinetic Light-Art shown at:

Howard Wise Gallery, New York
Galerie Hammer, Berlin
USIS Round-the-World Touring Show

And in the Collections of:

The Smithsonian Institute, Washington
Malcolm Forbes
J. Patrick Lannon
Howard Wise

Stage settings designed for productions at the Questors Theatre, London

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