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Forty-Four Reasons
Why the Chomskians Are Mistaken

Reasons 15—17

15. The sheer impenetrability of the style in which these "experts" have chosen to express themselves, adding yet further immediacy to the previous three points. Writing about language should be a model of clarity—if it is not, then what is the point of the exercise? Perhaps the only commentators to approach the tone of Twain and Russell on this subject have been Lawler, Aristar, and Sowa, the creators of Chomsky-Bot, a computer program something like the author's UFOLAND but infinitely more intricate and effective.
This program generates in small increments an infinite bulk of Chomsky-like prose not much harder or easier to understand than the output of the Professor himself. It could just be significant that the only other target these programmers have chosen for such treatment is the notoriously incoherent and largely fraudulent English mystic Aleister Crowley, though as will be made clear in the conclusion, the author does not believe there is anything fraudulent about Chomsky. You can see examples of Chomsky-Bot output and go there yourself to obtain further samples by clicking on either of the two preceding underlined links.

16. The near impossibility—created by so many shifts and changes in dogma and details over the decades both by the leader and by his disciples in innumerable books and published papers—of ever pinning down precisely what TGG principles actually are.

17. The total impenetrability of the most recent version of these theories, perhaps appropriately known as "minimalism." Combining mainly a passionate Panglossian embrace of the dubious notion that "language is perfect" with most of the prior follies, it is difficult to find any kind of improvement in this latest of so many twists and turns.

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