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Forty-Four Reasons
Why the Chomskians Are Mistaken

Reasons 18—19

18. The never-ending postponement of any final proof for the truth of these theories. This has been the case over the past five decades, as TGG's prime movers ranged chaotically through an entire series of sciences, pseudo-sciences, and "cognitive" distractions. As the father of Chinese Grammar, Professor Chao Yuen Ren, pointed out as long ago as 1968, "no transformational or generative grammar has as yet been fully worked out for any language." This remains very much the case today at a time when the third generation of TGG advocates point to "cognitive neuroscience" as the discipline that will once and for all prove the validity of these doctrines. Unfortunately, very few other cognitive neuroscientists agree with this estimate (see for example Sergio Navega's points below).

19. The overall arrogance with which these theories have been promoted over the past five decades, engendering an atmosphere of fear, intolerance, and barely hidden anger within the scholarly community. Hall refers to Chomskian theorists as "by and large, singularly obtuse to criticism," while Koerner observes that "Chomsky and his associates have consistently shown themselves to only want to win the fight, and in such a manner that no rematch will take place." (Hall, p. 87; Koerner, 1989, p.135: see bibliography on adjoining web page)

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