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Forty-Four Reasons
Why the Chomskians Are Mistaken

Reasons 20—22

20. The cumulative abuse by many TGG voices over this period aimed at belittling the achievements of the earlier linguists Benjamin Lee Whorf and Edward Sapir, even though their ideas continue to explain more about language for more people than the TGG theories alleged to replace them.

21. Likewise, their failed initiative aimed at the total abandonment of the works of Leonard Bloomfield over this same period, even though his concept of "secondary responses to language" may be more truly "generative" than anything produced by TGG advocates, as described in Part II of the author's paper Limitations of Computers as Translation Tools, also accessible from this website. Indeed, all of TGG may have been "generated" by these principles.

22. Ironically, what is perhaps their most total failure, this time directed at the reputation and achievements of the psychologist B.F. Skinner and the Behaviorist school around him. As Andresen has pointed out, it has more recently become necessary to reinvent "behaviorism" in a new form and under a new name as "connectionism."

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