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Forty-Four Reasons
Why the Chomskians Are Mistaken

Reasons 23—24

23. Their convenient but ultimately fascistic exclusion from their theories of all "empiricism," allowing them the totally unearned privilege of brushing off most practical objections to their work as "unscientific." They have used it as an unlimited license to mint truth and wisdom, a right they have certainly never deserved and have frequently abused. Empiricism, almost as much as experiment, remains one of the cornerstones on which true science is built, and its exclusion from TGG has proved an open invitation to ignorance.

24. The outright falsehood that expert language professionals like multilingual writers and editors, translators, interpreters, and dramaturgs are incapable of linguistic analysis, as evident in Ved Mehta's direct quotation from Chomsky and his description of Chomsky's attitude: "'The ability to use language well is very different from the ability to study it. Once the Slavic Department at Harvard was thinking of offering Vladimir Nabokov an appointment. Roman Jakobson, the linguist, who was in the department then, said that he didn't have anything against elephants but he wouldn't appoint one a professor of zoology.' Chomsky laughs."

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