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Using the Very Latest Imaging Techniques,
And Providing A Remarkably Accurate View...

As can be readily seen, this image provides a remarkably  precise view of how the minds of so many of today's mainstream linguists function.  And as this overview also makes quite clear, these linguists do not dwell on some sublime and elevated plane beyond all criticism—rather the shortcomings of their actions and attitudes are altogether predictable.

Standing down from advanced technology claims, the format of this image is appropriately borrowed from the realm of phrenology, in some ways a kindred field of study which mainstream linguistics will soon follow into oblivion. Though distinct from its predecessor in some respects, there is ultimately not an unbridgeable gap  between studying imagined variations in speech formations and skull formations.

It is no more feasible to draw conclusions about the nature of human language by making purely mentalistic measurements than it was possible to explain the nature  of our minds by measuring the bumps on our heads. 

Furthermore, if some current estimates for this movement's probable longevity prove accurate, it could end up rivaling phrenology's century-long reign, though even at its height the latter was never accepted in academic circles.  Which means that in the meantime these latter-day phrenologists still enjoy an almost perfect cover—after all, who would ever dream that universities across the nation, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, would be sponsoring a pseudoscience?

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